Town of Taber

Organization: Town of Taber
City of Origin: Taber
Twin Cities: Higashi-ohmi City (Notogawa Town)* Shiga
Year Founded: 1981
The Town of Taber is a vibrant and growing community. The citizens, elected officials and staff of Taber honor our pioneering past, respect and enjoy the community of today while utilizing our vision and skills to lay the groundwork for an exciting future.

Located within the South Central Region of the Province, Taber’s trading and economic influence extends in a large radius around the Town and includes massive agricultural tracts, numerous hamlets and villages within the Municipal District of Taber. This centric trading relationship ensures that Taber enjoys a competitive retail sector, is able to offer comprehensive financial and legal options and recreational opportunities that are unavailable elsewhere within our trading area.

Taber's population exceeds 8,100 with an approximate trading area of 23,000 people. As with all communities, our people are the greatest asset. Taber is defined as a rural small town by Statistics Canada. Over the past 5 years, the population in rural Canada has decreased by 0.4 per cent. Taber contradicts this trend and continues to grow in line with it’s own population projections. As of the 2006 federal census, Taber is the fourth youngest small town in Canada with a median age of 35.2 and over 30% of our residents are under the age of 15.

The Town of Taber has comprehensive medical care options and an active arts community. Our town boasts eight schools, a hospital, 911 emergency services including a town fire department, emergency medical services and the Town of Taber Police Department.

Recreational opportunities abound and include an 18 hole golf course, parks, sports fields and a town owned inclusive community recreation centre.

With a comprehensive infrastructure, first rate community services and recreational facilities, the Town of Taber can capitalize on the economic prosperity of today to build a Town ready to face the future. We aspire to achieve a minimal negative impact on our environment and hope to leave a legacy of responsible environmental management to our successors.